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Met Prenatal Journey biedt Integratief Somatisch en Aquatisch Psychotherapeut David Sawyer een uniek aanbod waarbij aquatisch werk met de psychologie van shock- en trauma wordt aangevuld.

na de prenatal journey volgt Birth Journey, gegeven door David Sawyer, met assistenten Katja Stoll, Els Soetaert, en ...

> Birhte Journey, 30 jan - 4 febr 2018, Kisslegg > info bij David Sawyer

Prenatal Journey, gegeven door David Sawyer, met assistenten Katja Stoll en Els Soetaert

> volgende Prenatal Journey van 29 okt- 3 november 2018 in Bad Orb, Duitsland

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Explore prenatal life from conception to birth. With talks, movement exercises and aquatic sessions this formative time period comes alive. Topics include incarnation, divine homesickness, twin loss, implantation, attachment & bonding, healthy boundaries and more. Warm water is an ideal environment to release early trauma patterns from the body tissue and to welcome in the authentic self. This is an empowerment-based method where students learn to inhabit the body with a new sense of ease, authenticity and fullness. This, in turn, has a profound healing effect on our relationship styles. People find this workshop to be a powerful and transformative journey. Aquatic therapists will learn a rich set of new skills for tracking a client, releasing trauma and supporting embodiment. Many take this class several times.

Deze internationale cursus gaat door in Duitsland en wordt hoofdzakelijk in het Engels gegeven, met vertaling naar het Nederlands en Duits (of Frans), wanneer nodig. Heb je vragen hierover aarzel niet me te contacteren.

A week of Watsu is required or Training in WaterDance or the Basic course offered by Katja and Els offers a nice combination of both and also gives some insight in my classes. The class will be taught in English though some translation is available. The fee is 725 Euros plus 50 Euros for the pool. For questions and to register, please email David at d.sawyer@comcast.net.

Seminaarplaats: Hotel Orbtal Haberstalstraße 1 63619 Bad Orb Tel. 06052-810 www.orbtal.de

Overnachtiongsprijzen: Eénpersoonskamers tot driepersoonskamers, volgens categorie 36 - 60 €

Bij elke kamer kan er een kleine kitchenette voorzien worden en kan er dus zelf gekookt worden.

Articles to download for free:
German translation available
- An Interview with David Sawyer.
- Marie’s Child: A Case Study. Healing infertility and co-dependency with aquatic bodywork
- Birthing the Self: Water Based Methods for Healing Prenatal & Birth Trauma.

Integrative Aquatic Therapy (IAT) training.

For those who wish to continue, David will offer his full training in Bad Orb, Germany. Classes are every 6 months. See website for class descriptions.
- The Prenatal Journey
- The Birth Journey
- Healing Ancestral Trauma
- Character Styles & Self-Development
- Body Systems: Fluids & Organs
- Body Systems: Muscles and Bones
- Relationships and Intimacy
- Integration & Skill Building

What people say:
It is like a miracle! (Since your workshop), I am much happier in life. I lost a lot of fear and I feel power and confidence I never felt before. After 45 years, I don’t bite my nails!! Before, when people asked me, ‘how is life’, my answer was: ‘not bad, but there is something that doesn’t let me feel really fine’. Now, I have no more reason to feel unhappy. …(I want) to share with you my new joy in living. Student, Switzerland

After 20 years of struggling with Bulimia, food is no longer an issue. It has been one year since your class and I have not binged. Thank you! Massage Therapist, Germany

After 25 years of studying clinical psychology, family therapy, bio-energetic analysis, couples therapy, group therapy, Buddhism and Watsu …I feel I have come home at last! Our group, too, has been a special one for me. Something very different from other groups I have been a part of. Thank you so much for everything.
Psychologist, Israel

This workshop was Awesome!!! The material presented was Outstanding!!! There are absolutely no words to convey how terrific, charismatic, dynamic and fantastic David is. He is a powerful role model for every therapist. I feel so privileged to have attended this workshop. Thank you so much!!!
Watsu Practitioner, U.S.A.

He is such a master in psycho therapeutic work (Prenatal-Birth)! So grateful to be his student. Midwife, Belgium